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    Digital special aluminum plastic film
    Aluminum plastic film (digital only)
    The 113-μm-thick aluminum-plastic composite film has excellent ductility and electrolyte resistance, high composite strength, and excellent packaging performance. The special protective layer still has self-repairing ability after being stretched by stamping and forming, and provides stable and long-term protection for the inner layer of aluminum-plastic film.
    Compared with dry lamination, this process has the advantage of stability and uniformity. The inner layer of the aluminum-plastic composite film is used in a harsh environment. Therefore, the chemical resistance of the aluminum foil and the multi-functional inner layer polypropylene is extremely high. The hot lamination process directly laminates the aluminum foil with the multifunctional inner layer without the need for adhesive bonding, which reduces the factors affecting the compounding effect, thereby producing a stable batch of products and ensuring that the inner layer does not delaminate after use. The phenomenon.


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    Product Features
    l Excellent resistance to electrolyte;
    When the soaking time reaches 72 hours, the composite strength and heat seal strength of the inner layer tend to be stable. The heat seal strength is stable above 50N / 15mm, and the composite strength is stable above 8N / 15mm.
    Heat sealing test conditions: temperature 180 ℃, surface pressure 0.4Mpa, time 3s
    Test conditions: general-purpose lithium ion secondary battery electrolyte, temperature 85 ° C.
    l Excellent ductility;
     Note: The design of the test mold will affect the test results.
    l Excellent thickness consistency; A typical batch production test data drawing:
    It is produced using imported high-precision equipment, which provides an excellent basis for its thickness control. Stable thickness consistency is very conducive to maintaining the consistency of the battery's impact resistance and other properties, which greatly reduces the defective rate of the battery due to the unstable thickness of the aluminum plastic film.
    l Purification workshop, imported on-line double-sided surface scanning system to ensure the superiority of the inner and outer layers of the product.
    10,000-level purification workshop, imported on-line double-sided scanning inspection with a resolution of 0.01mm2, ensuring superior and consistent product appearance.
    l Excellent packaging strength and good retention;
    l Can be used in mobile communication terminals, tablet computers, high-performance mobile power supplies, 3C household electrical appliances, small charge and discharge equipment, thin digital products, and other thin and large-capacity battery packs;

    Technical Parameters 




    Test Methods


    Product thickness

    μmGB/T 6672


    Peel strength


    GB/T 1040.3-2006



    Heat seal strength

    N/15mmQB/T 2358-1998≥60

    Electrolyte resistance

    Peel strength

    N/15mmGB/T 8808-1988≥8
    Heat seal strengthN/15mmQB/T 2358-1998≥45
    FormabilitymmPunching pit size 98 * 57mm; vertex angle R = 1.5; steel punch≥6
    Puncture strengthNGB/T 10004-2008≥23


    We can produce and slit according to customer's requirements, conventional width 400mm / 480mm.

    Paper tube inner diameter 76mm, 250m per roll, sealed with PE film, 1 roll per carton, 30-36 carton per pallet。 

    Transportation and storage 

    Store in a dry, cool environment, avoid direct light, storage temperature 15 ~ 30 ℃, relative humidity ≤60% RH.。 

    When transporting, loading, unloading, and handling, be careful to handle it, not to be struck or scratched by severe collision or sharp objects, not exposed to the sun, rain, and contaminated by oil or chemicals。