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    PO film
    PO film
    ? Excellent weather resistance (including high temperature, high humidity, UV, etc.);
    ? Excellent adhesion after aging;
    ? Good maneuverability and stability during lamination;
    ? Low shrinkage, ensuring stable quality during lamination;
    ? Excellent reflectance, which can significantly increase the power output of the module;
    ? Can be used for packaging of double glass modules, single glass modules and thin film modules;


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    Technical Parameters 

    lengthCustomized according to customer requirements, 100 meters between 150 meters and 400 meters is conventional
    Width / thicknessCustomized according to customer requirements
    performanceprojectstandard testunitSE-556SE-557
    Physical propertiesThickness toleranceGB/T 6672-2001mm+/-0.05
    densityASTM D792g/cm30.87
    Tensile strength (after curing)GB/T 13022-91Mpa≥12≥12
    Elongation at break (after curing)%500500
    Glass strength of film and glassASTM D903N/cm>70
    Glass strength of adhesive film and back sheetN/cm>50
    Thermal performanceShrinkageASTM 1204MD%<3
    Degree of cross-linkingASTM D2765%>70>70
    Electrical performanceVolume resistivityGB 1410-89Ω.cm>1.0×1015






    WeatherabilityUV aging yellowing index(60kWh/m2 )ΔYI<2
    Damp heat aging85℃/85RH 1000hΔYI<3

    Lamination process


    Lamination temperature(℃)

    Vacuum time (min)  

    Lamination time(min)





    Note: As different customers have different lamination equipment and cross-linking requirements, this process is only our recommendation, and customers can find the process that suits them best.


    The inner diameter of the paper tube is 76 mm, and each roll is 100 meters. It is sealed with PE film. Each carton puts one roll, and each pallet contains 9 cartons.

    Transportation and storage

    Must be stored in a dry and cool constant temperature room

    Temperature 0 ~ 30 ℃, humidity ≤60%;

    The storage period of this product is 6 months from the production date


    1. Make sure that the EVA film is stored and used in a constant temperature and humidity room.

    2. In order to avoid abnormal lamination of components due to static electricity, it is recommended to remove static electricity throughout the module.

    3. The EVA film cut into sheets should be kept sealed to avoid pollution and moisture, and related facilities should be set up to avoid insect pollution.

    4. It is recommended not to use each roll near the paper tube and the outermost circle.